Q: What are your site fees? They are not on your website.
A: We do not publish our site fees as they vary by package, duration, guest count or time of the year. Please contact our offices for specific pricing.

Q: How many guests does your venue support?
A: Our venue supports up to 175 guests in a mixed use (indoor/outdoor) environment.

Q: Do you have indoor space? How many guests can it support?
A: Yes, we do have indoor space available. It supports up to 80-100 guests depending upon the configuration of the room.

Q: How do I book your venue? Can you hold a date for me?
A: We require a signed contract and a 30% non-refundabledeposit in order to hold your date.

Q: If I cancel my event do I get my deposit back if you can re-book the venue?
A: The deposit is non-refundable.

Q: Do you provide catering services?
A: We can provide catering through our third party supplier. Please contact our offices for menu specifics.Starting in 2019 all events are required to use catering provided by Elk Point.

Q: Can I use outside catering or do it myself? Is there a fee to do this?
A: Catering must be provided by an approved vendor. Please see our list of approved vendors.

Q: Is there an oven/stove inside the building?
A: There is not an oven or stove onsite.There is no cooking onsite. All food must come “plate ready”.

Q: Is there a fridge where we can store things and keep them cold?
A: While there is a fridge it is strictly utilized by the bar for storing bar beverage service items.

Q: Do you have a sound system we can use? Can we just plug in an ipod?
A: Elk Point can provide a sound system for you to plug your ipod into. However, we will monitor the decibel level and adjust the volume to conform with local noise ordinances determined by Kootenai County.

Q: Can I drop by and check out the venue?
A: All Elk Point venues are available by appointment only. Please contact our offices to schedule your private site visit.

Q: Why is the venue address not on your website?
A: The venue is private and available by appointment only. Please contact our offices to schedule your private site visit.

Q: Does anyone live in the house? Is the house included? Can we go in the house?
A: The house located on the Elk Point property is private. The property owner does live there. Guests are not allowed in the house.

Q: Can we take photosaround the house?
A: You are welcome to take photo’s around the house provided they are pre-approved and you are accompanied by an Elk Point representative.

Q: Is there onsite staff on the day of my event?
A: Yes, Elk Point will have setup, clean-up, security, bartendingand parking staff onsite the day of your event.

Q: How many cars fit in your parking area?
A: We can accommodate approximately 100 vehicles in the parking area.

Q: Do we have to setup all the tables and chairs?
A: Elk Point will setup the tables and chairs provided you are using Elk Point’s tables and chairs.

Q: Do we have to clean upthe venue?
A: Provided you are using Elk Point tables and chairs Elk Point will take care of the venue cleanup including the trash.You haul out what you haul in.The renter is responsible for cleanup of any and all rental items including chairs, heaters, linens, etc.

Q: Can we leave items overnight and pick them up the next day?
A: Any items left after all guests have left the premises will be considered abandoned and disposed of at Elk Point’s discretion unless previously negotiated with Elk Point.

Q: Can we leave vehicles overnight?
A: You are welcome to leave your vehicle overnight and pick it up the next day, except RV’s. RV’s are not allowed overnight. Vehicles left overnight must be picked up between 7am and 11am the following day. Any vehicle left after 11am will be towed at the vehicle owners expense.

Q: Can we bring our own alcohol?
A: Unfortunately we can no longer allow outside alcohol. All alcohol must be procured through Elk Point.

Q: Do you provide liquor?
A: Elk Point is licensed for beer and wine. Due to recent enforcement by the Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Commission we are no longer able to allow a third party to provide liquor.Q: Why can’t we drink in the parking lot?A: Because it is the law in Idaho. All alcohol must be consumed within the event center premises just like any other bar/restaurant.Q: Can we provide our own bartender?A: Elk Point will provide one for you depending upon the package chosen.Q: Are rehearsal’s included?A: Yes, one thirty (30) minute rehearsal is included depending upon the package chosenand pending venue availability.Q: I have already rented the venue. Can I come up some timeto start planning my layout?A: You may come up provided you have scheduled an appointment with our office. Depending upon the package chosen you may also have a one (1) hour planning meeting approximately 30 days prior to your event.Q: Does Elk Point clean up the tables during the event?A: Guests or caterers are responsible for the bussing of tables during the event.Q: Can I bring my dog?A: Unless previously negotiated with Elk Point pets are not allowed on the premises unless they are service animals.Q: What happens if it rains?A: Because we cannot control the weather we strongly encourage a tent rental if weather is a concern on the day of your event.Q: If I need chairs or tables moved during the event who does that?A: Elk Point will take care of moving tables and chairs if needed provided they are Elk Point tables and chairs.

Q: Where is the dance floor?A: Most guests choose to utilize the concrete floor within the building for dancing. We no longer allowdance floorsset up in the lawnarea due to the damage they have caused to the lawn.Q: When can I come in and decorate?A: Depending upon the duration of the package you have chosen you may begin decorating once that time begins.Q: How early can I come in and decorate?A: The venue usually opens at 11am. Depending upon the duration of your event you may come in and decorate once the duration of your event begins.Q: How late can our event run?A: Fridays and Saturdays the venue closes at 11pm. Sunday through Thursday it closes at 9pm. All guests must have left the premises by this time and all clean-up must be completed. All music/sound must be turned off one hour prior to the end of your event.Q: Who set the noise level and end time requirements?A: The Kootenai County Board of County Commissioners.Q: Is there handicap parking?A: Yes, there are three dedicated handicap parking spaces.Q: Are there restrooms?A: Yes there are two unisex restrooms onsite.Q: Is there a room for the bride/groom/bridal party to get ready?A: There is one room usually utilized by the brides/bridesmaids. The groom/groomsmen usually come already dressed or utilize one of the restrooms.Q: Can we smoke?A: There is one dedicated smoking area available. Otherwise all Elk Point venuesare non-smoking and yes, we will strongly enforce this due to the rural nature of the environment the venue is located in.Q: What about E-Cigarette’s?A: We ask that e-cigarette users help our staff by partaking in the dedicated smoking area which will help direct traditional smokers to that area.

Q: Does Duane Hagadone own this place?A: No. The Elk Point property and company is not owned by Duane Hagadone or anyone affiliated with the Hagadone Corporation.Q: What type of events can your venue host?A: We can host just about any type of event from weddings to business meetings to fundraisers. Contact our offices for more details.Q: Is there heating or air conditioning inside the building?A: Yes, the venue has a full heating/air conditioning system. Our staff is happy to adjust the climate within the building to suit your needs.Q: Where do things usually get setup? What do other people do?A: Where things get setup is up to your imagination depending upon the package chosen. To give you an idea most people choose to setup the ceremony off of one of the gravel paths in the lawn area, while the majority of the reception would be off of the other gravel path in the lawn area with food service, bar service and dancing inside the Pavilion building.Q: Can I break up my rental time into blocks of time?A: Your rental is a continuous duration. You cannot break it into blocks of time.Q: Can we use fake flower petals or confetti?A: We do not allow fake flower petals or confetti of any kind. Please use real flower petals.Q: What selections of beer and wine do you carry?A: Our selections change each year. We will provide a list of those selections closer to your event date. Q: Do you provide cans, bottles or kegs?A: We provide all of the above. Please see our Beer/Wine menu for our current selections.Q: When can I schedule my photographer walk through?A: Your photographer walk through needs to occur within your allotted 60 minute planning meeting.Q: When can we access the venue to take photos?A: You may access the venue at the time your rental period begins.Q: I have a friend that works for a beer distributor and can get me a screaming deal on beer for my event. Can I have him bring the beer?

A: All alcohol needs to be procured through Elk Point. No outside alcohol is allowed.Q: How do you charge for beer and wine?A: We charge by the drink.Q: What time does the sound need to be off?A: Sound must be off one hour prior to your event end no matter what time your event ends.Q: What are your packages?A: Please contact our offices to discuss packages pertaining to the event you wish to have. Q: What are the sizes of your tables and how many do you have?A: We have 24 of the 5ft round tables, 20 of the 6ft rectangular tables and 6 of the 3ft hi-top.Q: Are we allowed to drop off decoration items early?A: All deliveries must occur within your rental duration window.Q: Are sparklers allowed for the sendoff?A: Sparklers are approved for the send off in the paved or gravel areas pending fire status for the area. It is the renter’s responsibility to notify Elk Point 30 days prior to your event that you are utilizing sparklers along with providing a receptacle dedicated for the used s